Album: Turning Pages (2011)

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Song: Canon

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Max Ruchinski
Josh Hynson
Nick Dominelli
Michael Jacobs

We took our start in the winter of 2009. Quickly pumping out songs and hit the scene in early 2010. From that point we played a bunch of shows around the tri state area, and even released a few demo tracks. After losing our guitarist who took on most of the writing, along with our drummer we took advantage of our situation and immediately began writing all new music which drastically changed our sound.

Around winter of 2010 we hit the studio and began recording tracks for our first self released EP titled "Turning Pages" Which is available for free download:

To wrap it up we are just a few kids out of Northern Delaware who just want to make music, play shows and just hang out. It's not about money, it's not about making a mark but just strictly to do what we love. Listen, book, hang out with us.